Chrissy Teigen Is Selling Chocolate Bars In Her Cravings Shop That Have Her Family’s Faces On Them

ICYMI: Chrissy Teigen re-launched her Cravings site this week, complete with a shop full of Chrissy-approved things that we’re totally obsessed with. Maybe you’ve seen her on Instagram wearing one of the robes that people are in love with? And while we don’t wanna play favorites, there was one item—or one set of items—that particularly caught our eyes. Chrissy teamed up with a famous L.A. chocolate shop for a set of bars inspired by her whole fam.
These Cravings x Compartés bars sound just as delicious as they are adorable. Each bar features photos of either Chrissy, John Legend, or the couple’s two children, Luna and Miles. The wrappers also feature original drawings from Luna, too, proving she’s already way more talented than the rest of us. And are we surprised? Nope!
And because it’s Cravings, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill chocolate flavors. John’s is a carrot cake–studded white chocolate bar, perfect for Easter. Chrissy’s is a coconutty popcorn milk chocolate that we definitely need for our next movie night. Luna’s white chocolate bar tastes like blueberry pancakes (with syrup!), and Miles’ is a banana bread white chocolate that yes, is inspired by his mom’s super-famous recipe. We’re big white chocolate fans at Delish, so we’re particularly happy that there are lots of options made with that as a base.
You can pick up a four-pack of the bars on Cravings for $50, or get individual bars for $12. You can also find them on the Compartés website in case you were eyeing something else on there too.

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