Costco Sells Sriracha Ketchup So You Can Stop Mixing The Condiments Together At Home

The contents of a fridge are only as good as the condiments filling the shelves, if you ask me. You likely already have the basics like mayo, ketchup, mustard, barbecue, ranch, and hot sauce, but things get really interesting when you decide to create some concoctions by combining two or more of the basic sauces yourself. If you’ve never done that before now is the time to start because Costco is selling a Sriracha Ketchup that will taste good with anything.
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I carry hot sauce with me everywhere. In fact, I have a tiny bottle of Sriracha I carry on my car keys. Yes, really! So this new Costco find is truly the stuff of dreams. I’m sure others agree that sometimes plain ketchup is too sweet to pair with plain fries of chicken tenders and could use a little kick to keep things interesting.
@Costcosisters found a pack that includes four 20-ounce bottles of Sriracha Ketchup at their warehouse going for $7.79 each. That’s quite the steal and is way less work than mixing the two condiments together when you want to dip. Like most condiments, you can put whichever bottle you open first in the fridge to stay fresh while the other three from the package can stay stored at room temperature for back stock. This way, you always have the sweet-yet-spicy sauce on hand when the moment calls. Considering it would pair perfectly with chicken tenders, tater tots, omelets, burgers, and more…you’re going to want to keep more than one bottle on hand anyway.

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