Croissant Corsages Are This Prom Season's Hottest Accessory

Prom season is upon us, and this year’s hottest accessory is as flaky and buttery as it is beautiful. Introducing: The Croissant Corsage from Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, available now for lucky customers located in Dallas.

Oddly enough, the Croissant Corsage was inspired by none other than a texting fail. In 2018, teens across the country found themselves accidentally asking their prom dates what croissant, instead of what corsage, they wanted for the special event. The hilarious auto-correct mistake started blowing up on social media, with some even trying to makeshift their own corsages out of croissants, and Cheddar’s took notice.

The restaurant, known for their honey butter croissants, teamed up with Dallas-based florist Petals and Stems to create a surprisingly elegant corsage using croissants, baby’s breath flowers and roses. Customers can pick what color flowers they want, to match their prom get up, of course.  

Starting April 4, locals can order Croissant Corsages online at for $20, and each order comes with a $10 Cheddar’s gift card if you’re hungry for more croissant post-prom. Order by 5pm on Tuesdays and you can pick them up at Petals and Stems, located at 13319 Montfort Drive, on Fridays and Saturdays.

While the corsages are only available at that location, Cheddar’s is encouraging customers to make one themselves using a hot glue gun, craft wire, and, of course, a croissant.

We love a good statement piece for prom, and this corsage certainly takes the cake…er, croissant.

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