Drake Served Mac & Cheese With Raisins At His Birthday Party And The Internet, Of Course, Had Thoughts

Drake celebrated his birthday this past weekend, and he rang in 34 with family and friends. Part of his festivities included a gathering with some of his friends and the menu from the event is going viral because of its strange selection that includes mac & cheese…with raisins.
A screenshot of the two-course meal’s components is making its rounds on Twitter and while mac & cheese seems like a typical offering, the description had fans questioning Drake’s sanity. The dish was described on the menu as having “sun dried tomato, capers, raisin, and parsley.”
Drake could have any meal in the world, but raisins IN mac & cheese lands on the birthday menu. 😭 pic.twitter.com/7QNK1FpzTu
Other options on the menu included calamari, sushi, steak frites, and grilled shrimp. Many noticed that the peculiar mac & cheese combination might have just been a typo as the description for a grilled cauliflower option above it had the same ingredients. Still, because the internet is unforgiving, Drake fans and haters alike had a lot to say about the potential mac & cheese with raisins dish.
“Good morning to everyone except those who attended Drake’s party and ate the Mac and cheese,” one person wrote on Twitter a day after photos from the event surfaced. “Drake is ‘raisins in mac and cheese’ rich. Is that a flex or is thatjust sad?” another mused.
Good morning to everyone except those who attended Drake’s party and ate the Mac and cheese.
Drake is “raisins in mac and cheese” rich. Is that a flex or is thatjust sad? 🤔
Another commenter went on to say that those in attendance at the party probably ate the food for the chance to get Drake featured on their upcoming work.
imagine getting bubble guts from the raisin mac and cheese at Drake’s party, but you can’t say nothing cause you want a feature 😭 pic.twitter.com/4fVxrA0O9k
Typo or not, it looks like people are not at all phased by what 2020 brings anymore, and if that includes raisins in mac & cheese at Aubrey Graham’s 34th birthday soiree, so be it. Happy Scorpio season, I guess!

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