Duncan Hines Sells A Holiday Baking Kit You Can Get Delivered Right To Your Door Through Amazon

There’s not an ounce of shame in using store-bought dough or cake mix for your holiday baking this year (who doesn’t love the stuff??). It’s the thought that counts and decorating is the most fun part anyway. To jumpstart your baking, Duncan Hines has a kit you can buy off Amazon that includes everything you need to make some seriously festive treats.
Duncan Hines has been selling quite a few of these baking kits over the last few months to help everyone bake at home without having to run out to the store. Each kit comes with something different that matches the season, the Halloween kit, for example, included candy corn and candy eyes.

Duncan Hines Holiday Baking Kit
The latest addition is a totally holiday friendly version that features chewy fudge brownie mix, classic white cake mix, snowmen candies that taste like strawberry and apple, Christmas tree gummies, crushed peppermint, and vanilla and chocolate frosting. With these ingredients you can put together so many combinations, which makes this kit a great activity to do with kids. I always suggest a little friendly competition during holiday baking, so you can always make it into a cake or brownie decorating contest to make it a little more interesting.
For $29.95 you can order the kit off of Amazon and get it delivered straight to your door. As of right now, it will ship in three-to-four days so you can have it at your house long before your Christmas festivities are in full swing. All that’s left to decide is if you’re digging into the white cake or brownie mix first.

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