Everything You Should Know About The Amazon Prime Day Deals To Look Forward To This Year

Chances are there is at least one kitchen appliance in your space that could use some updating. You shouldn’t wait for your air fryers, toasters, blenders, and whatever else you depend on when cooking to break down before getting a new one, and if the past year-and-a-half has taught you nothing else, it’s that you should first and foremost remember that your space at home deserves all the love and care. For good deals and appliances, Amazon Prime Day always comes just in time and here’s everything we know about this year’s shopping event so far.
Although there’s no information about when exactly Amazon Prime Day 2021 will take place, it’s always good to be prepared. To do so, it’s always a good idea to look at past Prime Days to keep in mind what deals will likely be hitting the site this year too. Here’s everything you should know.

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day has been around since 2015, when Amazon introduced the event to celebrate their 20th anniversary. It’s a retail holiday that is similar to Black Friday in that it offers killer deals and discounts on everything from kitchen items to electronics to cosmetics. Since its creation, Prime Day has grown to become a two-day event that Amazon Prime members can shop, so make sure you have an existing account in preparation for this year’s event.

When is Prime Day?

The million-dollar question! Although there are no official announcements about when Prime Day will be happening this year, according to trends in years past, it is likely happening at some point during the summer. In 2020, Prime Day was pushed back from July to October to allow for more efficiency and safety during shipping, but we can assume that this year a summer date will be back on the calendar. You can follow along on Amazon’s Prime Day page for more information.

What are the best kitchen deals to shop on Prime Day?

Prime Day is one of the best days to shop for new kitchen appliances and electronics and the best part is you don’t even have to leave your house. Previously, incredible deals were available on fan-favorite items like best-selling air fryers, Instant Pots, Nespresso coffee machines, blenders by brands like Ninja and Vitamix, and other kitchen products by brands like Dash. If you were looking for a sign to upgrade your kitchen this is it! As more information related to Prime Day 2021 becomes available we’ll be sure to let you know and will update this story with the best deals accordingly. Shop on, my friends!
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