Fireball Is Releasing Kegs That Hold 5 Liters Of Whisky And We’re So Excited

FireKegs will begin rolling out this month at your go-to Fireball retailers, so if you’re buddy-buddy with your liquor store owner, be sure he keeps you in the know for the release. The suggested retail price is $75 per FireKeg, but there’s always a chance this varies by location so keep that in mind while you shop. These kegs will be a limited-time offer so when you see one, grab one….or two, if you feel like there will be a need for 230 shots of Fireball in your future. I don’t know your life!!
“Fireball fans always know how to ignite the party and keep it going.The limited-edition FireKeg will amp it up in a way only Fireball can,” said Rebecca Henry, VP of Marketing at Fireball: “Fireball Friday, Tailgating, any occasion really–grab one while they’re hot!Just remember to ignite responsibly.”

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