Food Network Is Adjusting ‘Restaurant Impossible’ To Assist Restaurants During The Pandemic

Restaurants everywhere are continuing to adjust to the ongoing pandemic, but both chains and small businesses are struggling to stay afloat during these times. To address some of these issues, Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible is working on a new show that will offer assistance to restaurants. The show will be called Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business.
In an interview with Detroit news station Local 4, Robert talked about the plans for the new iteration of Restaurant Impossible. The original show has been helping restaurants better serve customers for 17 seasons, but it’ll be different this time around.
“Normally I’d go and help [the restaurants] because they made the mistakes. In this case, the beginning of March the world went into a tail spin. Restaurants closed, hotels closed, 11 million people were out of work,” he said in the interview.
Now, the show will feature some of the same restaurants Robert helped out previously, but rather than starting from scratch, he’ll be helping them adjust to the current state of the world. That means changing decor to allow for social distancing, adding outdoor dining when possible, and revisiting menus to make sure the ingredients are all still easily accessible and that the cooking can be done efficiently.
Robert also said they’ll be assessing the food supply chain for each restaurant and that he’ll be analyzing how the restaurant functions in more ways than before: “All those things we’ve never really thought of before to make the consumer feel safe and wanted.”
Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business will air on the Food Network, and will be filmed for as long as the restaurant industry needs help, Robert confirmed.

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