Franzia Now Has New 'Little Franz' Mini Boxed Wines in Four Flavors

Boxed booze has never looked so adorable.

Just as the weather begins to heat up in much of the country, well-known wine company Franzia has just announced its latest (and cutest) offering: mini versions of some of their best-selling products.

The new pint-sized pours will come in 500mL boxes — equivalent to about three standard glasses of wine — with a suggested retail price of $3.49, according to a press release from Franzia.

The brand shares that they will be offering their “Little Franz” products in four varieties with simple screw-off tops: Crisp White, Pinot Grigio/Colombard, Chardonnay and, of course, the ever-popular Rosé.

Little Franz are hitting shelves as part of Franzia’s new “Franz for Life” ad campaign, which also introduces new packaging and a new Rich & Buttery Chardonnay.

The company launched the initiative on Tuesday, in part with a new video set to a cover of the Golden Girls’ hit theme song “Thank You for Being a Friend” — with lyrics modified to say, “Thank you for being a Franz.”

The video, which Franzia shared to Instagram, features groups of friends and family taking part in various hilarious gatherings that call for a celebration, from hiking with a backpack of wine, a dog birthday bash and a ceremonial cutting off of a man bun.

“This new campaign is designed to reinforce the message that Franzia can be enjoyed at any age and encourages our customers to be ‘Franz for Life,’ ” The Wine Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Dubiel, said in the press release.

Elite Daily reports that the company will begin rolling out Little Franz nationwide this month, though Franzia didn’t tell the outlet exactly where would-be mini-wine sippers could find the new offerings.

Franzia’s website, however, boasts that “all kinds of stores like to stock” their “world’s most popular wine,” though, so keep your eyes peeled at your nearest wine shop.

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