How to Quickly Fix Grapefruit That’s Too Bitter or Sour

I grew up in a grapefruit-loving household. We’d eat it so frequently through the winter months that went I left for college, I packed along one of our serrated grapefruit spoons to be certain I’d easily be able to keep the tradition in my dorm room.

So it was most definitely news to me when I realized not everyone adores the bitter citrus as much as my family does. My now-husband couldn’t stand it when I’d try to share one with him for breakfast when we first started living together. While I continue to adore the bitter, sour punch that grapefruit packs, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I am often in the minority. However, in an effort to bring my husband and others to my side, I found a way to make grapefruit taste sweeter with one simple, yet surprising, kitchen staple: Salt.

Salt Is the Secret to Sweeter-Tasting Grapefruit

While it may seem counterintuitive, salt — not sugar — can make grapefruit taste less bitter and more sweet. Sure, sugar can drown out the bitterness and sour flavor if you sprinkle it on thick enough but salt actually balance these tastes rather than cover them up.

What salt basically does is neutralize the strong bitter, sour flavor in grapefruit so that it ends up tasting sweeter. You don’t need much for it to be effective, either — a heavy hand will make the fruit salty, which you’re obviously trying to avoid. Just a light sprinkling on a grapefruit half or segments is all you need.

This Works for Other Fruit, Too

This salt trick can be applied to any fruit that tastes bitter or sour, whether it’s oranges that aren’t at their best, underripe kiwi or berries, or even just a tart green apple. A light salt sprinkle will allow you to perceive sweetness instead of bitterness or sourness.

Have you ever tried this simple trick?

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