I Can’t Stop Making Homemade Ice Cream With This Cuisinart Tool

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I've made things from scratch that some might call a little ludicrous—like homemade Cheez-Its and dried apricots—so I'm usually not one to criticize crazy kitchen endeavors. However, when it comes to ice cream, there are so many incredible brands out there (see: Ben & Jerry's latest work of genius, "Canceled Wedding Cake"). I always wondered why anyone would make their own. That was my state of mind until a few weeks ago when my family bought Cuisinart's 2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream Maker. I was delighted to learn how wrong I was.

It's been a month, and I can't stop making homemade ice cream. I've made a black raspberry chip, coconut flecked with almonds, and coffee swirled with caramel and cinnamon. The process of conceptualizing a flavor and using the ice cream maker to churn ingredients into velvety heaven has brought me so much joy throughout this strange time that I can't cut myself off. Lucky for you, the ice cream maker is now on sale for 40% off.

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To buy: Cuisinart 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker, $100 (originally $165); amazon.com

There are also pretty ice cream makers out there (this aqua blue one by Nostalgia with a built-in candy crusher is admittedly VERY cool). But we have our eyes on the prize here, and the prize is excellent ice cream. You don't need a beautiful or expensive ice cream maker to get great results. Cuisinart's version, with its double-insulated freezer bowl, doesn't take up too much counter or freezer space, yields the perfect amount of ice cream and is incredibly simple to use.

There are two settings: "off" and "on." Pour the ice cream base in while the maker is in "off" mode. Turn the dial to "on." Watch the ice cream maker do its thing for 20-ish minutes or however long your recipe recommends, grab a photo for your Instagram story, turn the dial back to "off," scoop, and eat. It couldn't be any easier.

I'm now an obsessed, true homemade ice cream convert who has steadily been making her way through all 21 of these ice cream recipes. Get one for yourself to enjoy frozen desserts while the price is great, and the weather is hot.

To buy: Cuisinart 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker, $99.95 (originally $165); amazon.com

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