I Tried Made In's Best-Selling Nonstick Pan, and Now I Understand Why It Has a Cult Following

Made In Nonstick Frying Pan

A good nonstick pan can be a game-changer if it actually works, emphasis on if. One accidental scratch with a metal spatula will cause many pans to lose their nonstick capabilities. I mean, we all know not to use metal utensils on nonstick cookware, but we also know that we're bound to break the rules from time to time. So this begs the question: Is there any nonstick cookware out there that's made to last?

Until I got my hands on the Made In Non Stick Frying Pan, I wasn't so sure. But this skillet has changed my culinary life for the better.

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Made In Non Stick Frying Pan

To buy: Made In Non Stick Frying Pan, $79-99; Made In Cookware

Made In offers their best-selling pan in three different sizes: 12-inch, 10-inch, and 8-inch. The 12-inch size ($99; Made In) is perfect for families, while the 8-inch size ($79; Made In) is great for serving one to two people. The 10-inch size ($89; Made In) is the perfect middle ground, but its popularity means it sells out fast. All sizes are available in either "Graphite" or "Harbour Blue." To ensure you get your hands on one of the best-selling pans before they're gone, go ahead and order one now. When they sell out, you may have to wait weeks, even months, for the cookware company to restock.

The Made In nonstick pan has a sturdy, hefty build that's indicative of the quality of this cookware. "We triple-cure these non stick pans so they won't degrade over time and have shown to last 10 times longer than other premium brands," says Made In.

Plus, unlike other nonstick cookware that can only handle so much heat, this skillet from Made In can safely reach up to 500°F. And while it is recommended that you hand wash them (and you probably should) I have found that the quality remains the same even after I wash mine in the dishwasher (whoops).

It's also PFOA-free, so you can have peace of mind while you're cooking. For more information on how to safely use and maintain nonstick cookware, refer to our roundup of the best nonstick skillets on the market. Spoiler alert: The Made In Non Stick Frying Pan ranked among the top pans tested by our test kitchen.

So aside from its durabilty, what makes this pan so special? Food quite literally slips and slides across the surface. Fried eggs slide onto my plate with just a slight tilt of the pan. And forget pancakes tearing mid-flip—they lift with ease in this skillet. And most impressive of all, melted cheese wipes away like it was never there in the first place. This is by far my most reached for pan. I mean, why reach for anything else when I know the cleanup is going to be effortless if I use my Made In pan?

While Made In cookware comes with a higher price tag than many other brands, it's well worth the investment. This American-made nonstick coating is truly made to last, and will save you from going through endless nonstick pans throughout the years. Secure yours now by ordering one today.

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