Joanna Gaines Shared How A Moment After Dinner With Her Dad Helped Her See What’s Important In Life

The last year or so has put a lot in perspective for many of us, including for Joanna Gaines. The lifestyle star recently revealed a moment with her father just before the COVID-19 pandemic began that caused her to shift her perspective on what’s important in life.
In the latest issue of Magnolia Journal, as reported on by People Magazine, Jo said she was having a family dinner at her parent’s home along with Chip and their kids. When the family finished up dinner, Jo said she quickly gathered her kids up to leave, as she realized it was her son, Crew’s bedtime. Her dad asked if she could stay just a little bit longer and watch the sunset with him but, in a moment I am sure a lot of parents can relate to, Jo declined, saying that she was worried Crew would be fussy if he didn’t get enough sleep. She told her dad that she’d come back another time and watch the sunset with him.
That was a little over a year ago, and as we all know, life has changed significantly since then. Jo said she regretted not taking advantage of that moment with her dad almost immediately. “I realized I’d held a meaningful moment hostage in the name of efficiency,” she wrote.
But during the summer, Jo met her dad in his back yard for a socially distant sunset viewing and she said they discussed what it means to savor every moment: “No longer would I measure my life based on what I achieved in a week, a day, or an hour. Now, it is time spent in moments like the one I shared with my dad that I hope define my lifetime,” she wrote.
You can read more of the piece on People or when the spring issue of Magnolia Journal goes on sale on February 19.

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