John Legend Dropped A Flirty Comment On Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram Photo And We’re Blushing

If you’re a little obsessed with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s relationship, well, get in line behind everyone else on the internet. There’s a lot to love about this A-list couple, including the fact that they aren’t afraid to have a little fun online. Case in point: They recently exchanged some flirty comments on Instagram and it had their fans totally freaking out.
It all started after Chrissy posted a photo on Instagram of herself in a bra, underwear, and some VERY cozy looking socks, embracing her dog Petey the poodle. She captioned the carefree photo “f*ck it!” so we were already off to a rousing start here, folks. John quickly commented back in response to the caption: “Don’t mind if i do.” Of course everyone freaked out as they tend to do any time John and Chrissy are being cute online. His comment quickly floated to the top, garnering more than 170,000 likes.
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Even Chrissy lost it at the comment, commenting back “Hoooooooooooly sh*t dude !!!!!!!!” Honestly, I love to picture them sitting in the same room laughing back and forth at their witty comments and the frenzy that they created in the comments section. That’s just, like, fan fiction I personally like to create in my mind.
After this post, I think we all have the same question…where did you get those socks, Chrissy? They look so comfortable and I will speak for everyone when I say we need them. Thanks!

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