Kraft Mac & Cheese Is Coming Out With A Gluten-Free Version

Those who follow a gluten-free diet, whether by choice or due to an allergy, may have a difficult time finding easy foods and snacks to buy from the grocery store. That might soon change, though, because many beloved brands are making their fan-favorite products gluten-free with the most recent being Kraft’s new mac & cheese.
Kraft mac & cheese is a staple in so many pantries since it’s easy to whip up for kids and adults alike. The original recipe is not suitable for those who need to stick to eating gluten-free, but now the brand has a certified gluten-free option available with noodles made from brown rice and corn pasta.
Although the recipe is a little bit different, Kraft guarantees that it’s still as smooth and delicious as the Kraft mac & cheese you know and love while still meeting all of the Food and Drug Administration’s standards for gluten-free products. It’s already available in select retailers nationwide right next to the other Kraft mac & cheese items.
Senior associate brand manager at Kraft Heinz Emily Violett said in a press release that this new offering is a proud moment for the brand because now more people can enjoy their products.
“Families love our Kraft Mac & Cheese, and we didn’t want to limit who could enjoy our iconic blue box,” she said: “With our new gluten free offering, fans with dietary restrictions or gluten intolerance can now have our deliciously cheesy Kraft Gluten Free Mac & Cheese, and that’s something to smile about!”

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