Making Hot Cocoa Bombs For Valentine’s Day Is So Easy With A Heart-Shaped Mold

Every couple of weeks a new food trend whips the entire internet into a frenzy. At the current moment, hot cocoa bombs are doing exactly that. We’re in the midst of winter and a hot mug of cocoa provides a decadent comfort that coffee and tea can’t achieve. For Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for a creative way to serve brunch or want a festive sweet to use throughout the month. This is where heart-shaped molds come into play and there are so many you can buy online.

Baker Depot Heart Mold

Geometric Heart Silicone Molds

Wilton Easy-Flex Silicone Heart Mold

Diamond Heart Silicone Mold
If you aren’t yet familiar with the concept of hot cocoa bombs, they’re essentially like bath bombs for your beverage. You heat up your milk of choice and then drop the hot cocoa bomb into the same cup so the warm milk can break through the chocolate shell that encases hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and other toppings. Places like Costco and Target are selling their versions of the treat, but they’re also insanely easy to make at home by just…melting chocolate. Amazon has so many heart-shaped molds to choose from that can be used for hot cocoa bombs or other baking and they come in different sizes, styles, and budget-friendly prices to match your needs.
As for making the goodies, you’ll first want to melt your chocolate of choice and you should feel free to get creative with this part. You can use dark chocolate or white chocolate that can be dyed with food coloring to be a red or pink color. Then, you’ll pour that chocolate into the molds and either wait for them to harden at room temperature or put them in the fridge to chill.
Once they’re set, you’ll fill one mold with the hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, sprinkles, or other edible toppings you’ll want in your drink. To form the hot cocoa bomb completely, you can press the half that is not filled with toppings on a hot pan to melt the edges so it can adhere to the other half and keep all the mix and such inside. From there you’ll have to wait for them to set and can store them to be used whenever you want to a warm hug in the form of a beverage. Which is probably, like, all the time.

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