Nestlé Toll House’s New Disco Morsels Are Made With Edible Glitter For A Groovy Touch

The Disco Semi-Sweet Morsels and Edible Glitter Morsels, as they’re officially called, look like they were inspired by a ’60s or ’70s disco ball. The bag is made up of a mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips and edible glitter morsels, which appear to be glitter-covered chocolate chips. So in between all the regular chips, there will be a hint of sparkle.
“Get GROOVY with your tasty treats! Top pancakes, cupcakes, or bake into cookies or breads to add that EXTRA sparkle to your final product. Can you dig it?” the description says.
You can find the glittery chocolate morsels in 5.5-ounce bags at Walmart for $2.48. One bag is enough for a batch of 24 cookies, and they’re made with 100% real chocolate. It’s pretty clear that the next homemade cookie dough we whip up is going to be ready for a party.
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