Oreo Just Released Cookies & Creme Eggs Right In Time For Easter

Oreo may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of Easter, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving us something delicious to throw into our baskets this year. Though they’ve already spoiled us with their S’mores Cookies and Strawberry Frosted Donut flavors as well as the infamous Lady Gaga-inspired Pink and Green cookies, their new Cookies & Creme Eggs that they’ve given us for Easter is the treat that we’re totally not deserving of.
If you’re thinking that this is just a recycled effort from year’s past, you’re partially right. Oreo did release an egg-cellent Easter treat previously that consisted of chocolate-shelled eggs that were filled with cookie and creme pieces. But this time, we’ve got something a bit different. How different, you ask? Well, I am more than happy to report that it’s because the entire egg is made of a tasty cookie and creme combo. Yep, the whole thing! So, you can definitely expect the traditional Oreo taste that those Double Stuf cookies deliver with every bite.
If you’re interested in buying out your local store (because I know I can’t be the only person who plans to do that), you can find them in Target for $3.59 per 10-ounce bag. These are a limited-edition offering though, so don’t expect to see them much past Easter or the traditional after-Easter discount sale.
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