Post Just Brought Back Chocolate Honey-Comb Cereal And The Kid In Me Can’t Take It

As if 2020 didn’t give us enough chat-worthy news from Post Consumer Brands through a number of releases from Fruity Pebbles (like the coffee creamers, candy bars, and the announcement of Fred & Barney hosting the NYE countdown with Ryan Seacrest), the brand is still finding ways to make cereal lovers scream “woo-hoo!” Though 2021 marks the official 50th birthday for the PEBBLES brand, that isn’t the only beloved cereal that Post is dropping off unexpected gifts for.
Instagrammer @candyhunting posted photos of the new Post offerings on Monday, December 28 and it included the newly released Fruity Pebbles Crisps, Honey-Comb Big Bites, and—the most shocking of the three—Chocolate Honey-Comb Big Bites. Yes, you read that right. CHOCOLATE HONEY-COMB BIG BITES.
“Now here are some products nobody saw coming! New Fruity Pebbles Crisps, Honey-Comb Big Bites, and Chocolate Honey-Comb Big Bites were hiding on the shelf at Hy-Vee this afternoon!” the caption revealed.
Found in the cereal aisle, the Fruity Pebbles Crisps are crispy rice snacks made with, you guessed it, Fruity Pebbles. And while my undying love for the sweetly colorful cereal got me excited by default, it was the realization that Post revived Chocolate Honey-Comb that really stole the show. For those of you that aren’t up to speed on all things cereal, Post released the initial Chocolate Honey-Comb cereal back in 2006 with the pull of having a big size and big crunch. Unfortunately, however, the cereal was taken off the shelves with many fans wondering if it would ever return. That was until now.
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Although it technically isn’t the same cereal as it was before (because, ya know, it comes in a snack bag instead of a box), that hasn’t stopped the excitement from pouring out for it and the other snacks Post is rolling out. “Must find,” one commenter simply stated. “🧡I want some!🧡” said another. And while there’s a chance that your grocery store might not carry these yet, just knowing that those Chocolate Honey-Comb are out there somewhere should make you feel better than you’ve ever felt.
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