PSA: Popeyes Reintroduces Ghost Pepper Wings For a Limited Time


In this time of strife, suffering, and homebound isolation, it can feel like we need spicy food to break free from the monotony of existence. Spicy foods can also be a (low-stakes) form of kinship with our dying planet: if large swaths of the west coast are on fire, shouldn’t our taste buds burn as well?



Whether you have a legitimate interest in super-spicy chicken or you just want a fast food meal that can make you feel alive, you might want to know that Popeyes’ Ghost Pepper Wings have returned to the menu for a limited time. Though they’re marinated in a proprietary and “exotic” blend of hot peppers, including a “dash” of the aforementioned ghost pepper, which is infamous for its high heat content. The good news is that the typical Popeyes crunch you know and love is there beneath the layers of extreme spice.


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First appearing on the Popeyes menu back in 2014, these limited-run spice bombs are available in six- and 12-piece combos with a side, biscuit, drink, and dipping sauce. You might want to opt for a creamy dipping sauce like ranch if you expect to finish your order without wanting to dunk your head in a bucket of ice water.

If you want to severely torture yourself, or bond with with other members of your household through shared suffering, you can also get a 24-piece serving of these Ghost Pepper wings, which come with four sides, biscuits, drinks, and dips. The privilege of watching your loved ones writhe in spice-induced pain can be yours for $29.99, though prices will vary by location.

It’s unclear how long these limited edition Ghost Pepper Wings are sticking around, so you might want to get a hold of them before you’re forced to go back to eating Popeyes’ comparatively bland chicken sandwich. Because once you get a taste of the spice, your life may never be the same again. 

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