Sam’s Club Is Rolling Out Ready-Made Sides For The Holidays That Will Limit Your Prep Time In The Kitchen

With the added stress of all that 2020 has thrown at us, Thanksgiving should be as chill as humanly possible. The main event of the day is typically the turkey, so focus on cooking your bird to perfection because Sam’s Club is selling ready-made side dishes that just need to be heated up and served.
Thanksgiving side dishes can be time-consuming to put together and if your celebration is looking way smaller this year than usual, you might have fewer helping hands to get you through the day. This is what makes the Sam’s Club side dishes so convenient—all you have to do is divvy up your oven space.
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@Samsclubmembers saw trays of potatoes, green beans, mac & cheese, and a Waldorf salad in their bakery and pre-made dishes section of the wholesale club. The mashed sweet potatoes come with a cinnamon butter and the green beans come with a garlic butter that will evenly melt onto the dishes when they’re warmed up. Each tray of the mac & cheese has a heavy layer of shredded cheese on top that can crisp up after a few minutes in the oven as well. The Waldorf salad is ready to serve as is and is made with apples, grapes, and a light mayo topping.
The trays go for everywhere for $5 to right around $10, so you won’t be spending too much and will be saving so much time in return. For all your other Thanksgiving prep needs like say, a five-pound pie or cheesecake, Sam’s Club has you covered. Praise be.

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