States Are Beginning To Crack Down On Restaurants And Bars That Don’t Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

States are cracking down on social distancing and patron capacity at local bars during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Establishments that are found to not be following the state’s requirements can now be penalized with a fine or a total suspension of their liquor licenses, making them unable to continue serving alcohol at their locations.
Two states most closely monitoring their bars are New York and Florida, with New York spotting 162 violations over the past week. Governor Cuomo put together a dual agency task force that includes the State Police and State Liquor Authority, two organizations that are working together to conduct compliance checks at different restaurant and bar establishments.
The places that are found in violation of social distancing, limited capacity, and other COVID-19 safety measures in New York can be fined up to $10,000 or have their liquor licenses suspended. A running list of the locations in New York City that have been caught disobeying such orders can be found online at the governor’s website.
In Florida, bars reopened on May 4 after their initial closures back in March. They were closed once again in June due to safety concerns, and now Governor DeSantis is giving bars that aren’t taking the rules seriously consequences. Four bars were found to be overcrowded this past weekend, with one allowing in about 200 customers when the cap for social distancing was 94 patrons. Its liquor license, along with the liquor licenses of three other different restaurants, were suspended for similar reasons.

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