Taylor Swift References Food And Drinks A Lot On Her New Album ‘Evermore’ So We Rounded Them Up

We here at Delish obviously really, really love food, but we are also well-rounded people with varied interests. Seriously, it’s not just cheese pulls over here—we also care about pop culture! Books! Music! Cute photos of dogs, etc., you name it! So obviously, like the rest of the world, we listened to Taylor Swift’s most recent album Evermore when it was released this morning and we noticed something…she talks about food and drinks a lot in it!! Which is kind of our thing!!
While there are plenty of adorable Easter eggs to be found in this album, we are much more interested in literal Easter eggs. So, below, we’ve done the very hard work and outlined all of the references to booze, food, restaurants, whatever we could possibly link back to eating. There is no context included so let your minds go wild. Happy listening!


I never would have known from the look on your face
Lost in your current like a priceless wine

Champagne Problems

(The literal name of the song, duh!)
Your sister splashed out on the bottle
Now no one’s celebrating

Dom Pérignon, you brought it
No crowd of friends applauded
Your hometown skeptics called it
Champagne problems

Gold Rush

At dinner parties, I call you out on your contrarian shit
And the coastal town we wandered ’round had nеver seen a love as pure as it
And thеn it fades into the gray of my day-old tea
‘Cause it could never be

Tolerate It

Lay the table with the fancy shit
And watch you tolerate it

No body, No Crime

Este’s a friend of mine
We meet up every Tuesday night for dinner and a glass of wine
Este’s been losin’ sleep
Her husband’s actin’ different, and it smells like infidelity
She says, “That ain’t my merlot on his mouth
That ain’t my jewelry on our joint account”

Este wasn’t there Tuesday night at Olive Gardеn
At her job or anywhere

Coney Island

Did I leave you hanging every single day?
Were you standing in the hallway
With a big cake, happy birthday


So tell me to run
Or dare to sit and watch what we’ll become
And drink my husband’s wine

Cowboy Like Me

Never wanted love
Just a fancy car
Now I’m waiting by the phone
Like I’m sitting in an airport bar

And the ladies lunching have their stories about
When you passed through town
But that was all before I locked it down


I should’ve asked you how to be
Asked you to write it down for me
Should’ve kept every grocery store receipt
‘Cause every scrap of you would be taken from me


I’m fine with my spite
And my tears, and my beers and my candles
I can feel you smoothing me over

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