The 5 Foods This RD Never Leaves the Grocery Store Without

The 5 Foods This RD Never Leaves the Grocery Store Without

Research has shown that the average person makes approximately 200 food decisions per day.


But upon further consideration, that number almost sounds… low. Whole milk or 2% in my coffee? Iced or hot? Should I buy a water bottle at the gym or bring my own? Whole wheat or white bread? Toasted? Sunny side up or scrambled? We haven’t even finished breakfast, fam. And I’m exhausted.

Clearly, eating can be complex—albeit delightfully—particularly when nutrition and health come into question. There are plenty of ingredients we know we should be eating every day, yes, and a select number of foods that registered dietitians recommend we avoid at all costs. Makes sense. But instead of dishing out the same old “eat more salmon” or “stop drinking soda” tips, how about some unexpectedly delicious, nutritious ingredients that RDs and health experts swear by in their personal life?

Natalie Forster, RDN at Miraval Austin, shared a few of her (fun! surprising! not snooze-inducing!) favorite healthy foods with us for when it’s time to shake things up.

Coconut oil

This product is always on hand in our home, says Forster. It’s antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and safe for cooking at higher temperatures due to the nature of its bond. Beyond the kitchen, coconut oil can be used for removing makeup, relieving sunburns, repelling insects, and giving you glowing skin. I recommend keeping a jar in your kitchen and a jar in your bathroom!

Wild-caught sardines

These small fish are jam-packed with calcium and omega-3s to support neurological, bone, and heart health. Contrary to their more popular counterpart, tuna, these fish carry less of a toxic burden due to their size and diet. They’re delicious with scrambled eggs, veggies of choice, avocado, and cilantro.

Colorful cauliflower

I like to cut up cauliflower into florets and keep them on hand in my freezer for an added boost of fiber and nutrition to smoothies. It provides a neutral flavor with the creaminess of a frozen banana (without the excess sugar). By choosing different colors, you increase your intake of antioxidant-rich polyphenols that promote whole-body detoxification.

Sprouted nuts and seeds

Common knowledge is that nuts and seeds are rich in fats that boost heart health, and uncommon knowledge is that to receive the full nutrition they provide they must first be “activated” by the process of soaking. Choose varieties of nuts and seeds that are labeled as “activated’ or “sprouted.”

Collard greens

These are my go-to vessel for making tacos! Be it breakfast tacos, pulled pork tacos, avocado tacos, etc. They’re rich in medicinal compounds such as sulforaphane to promote liver detoxification and indole-3-carbinols for cancer prevention. You can also boost their nutritional ammo by cooking them down with pastured bacon that is nitrite- and nitrate-free.

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