The Viral Cocoa Bombs TikTok Is Obsessed With Are Available In 16-Count Boxes At Costco

At Costco, a box of hot cocoa bombs with festive red, green, gold, and silver foil packaging is being sold for about $19. The box includes 16 cocoa bombs total with flavors like milk chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry, and s’mores all included in the variety.
Some TikTok users are sharing how to make the viral sensations at home (it’s relatively easy to do), but buying them ready made and in an assortment of flavors from Costco is so much easier, or it’s at least a good way to see if you like using cocoa bombs before you put in all that extra work. I’m calling it now, these are going to be the next big food trend of the year. Mark my words.

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