The Wellness Drink Gisele Bundchen Swears by Is Virtually Effortless to Make at Home

You don’t need a professional chef to make the healthy drink that gives the Brazilian supermodel plenty of energy—wait till you see how easy it is.

If there’s one woman we can trust to give us valuable beauty advice it’s Gisele Bundchen. After all, she has been a supermodel for decades and is, as you can see, one of the most stunning people on Earth. And, luckily for everyone, she’s now spilling all her secrets as she promotes her new book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life.

According to the Brazilian-born beauty, she swears that drinking yerba mate every single day is her own personal version of the fountain of youth.

“It tastes completely different than green tea but I think it has the same effect,” Bundchen told Good Morning America. “It’s definitely something that gives you energy.”

Of course, she loves the concoction just a bit more because it originates from her native country.

“It’s part of my roots,” she said. “I’ve been drinking it since I was a little kid and I grew up seeing my parents, my grandparents, just on Sundays, sitting outside the house and drinking the mate.”

But what is the drink actually made of anyway? As Teatulia explained, yerba mate was allegedly first discovered by the indigenous peoples of the forests of Paraguay and Southern Brazil. It was first known as an herb “from the gods” and was used mostly for physical stamina, which was likely due to its high caffeine content.

The plant’s leaves and twigs are typically dried and used as a tea when they are steeped in hot water. Luckily for all of us, we no longer have to hunt down the plant in the South American forests. Instead, the tea can simply be found in health food stores and in tea aisles in grocery stores just about anywhere (and even on Amazon for $14).

As for Bundchen, she prepares hers by taking the ground yerba mate and placing it in a traditional container known as a “gourd.” She fills it nearly to the top. Next, she adds in hot water, shakes vigorously, then enjoys with a straw (a metal one as she never uses plastics).

“Definitely the best time to drink mate is in the morning and maybe after lunch,” Bundchen said, noting that it’s the perfect drink to sip with family and friends. “Usually people sit around and it’s a moment to kind of drink together and share conversation.”

Next time you’re having high tea go a little Brazilian with a bit of organic yerba mate. Just make sure to thank Bundchen for the idea later.

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