These ‘Mandalorian’ Tongue Tattoo Fruit Roll-Ups Are On Shelves Ahead Of Season 2

Anyone who has eaten a Fruit Roll-Up before knows that the tongue tattoos are the best part, and now there are boxes that come with Baby Yoda graphics for you to deliciously transfer onto your tongue. The snacks come in a 10-count variety pack that includes the flavors strawberry battle burst, cherry orange forge fire, and tropical tracker blast.
@Foodiewiththebeasts found a box of the Star Wars-themed treats at their local Walmart and from the photo it looks like these are at least two tattoo options on these Roll-Ups. There’s one with Baby Yoda chilling in his floating pod and another that shows him waving. Fingers crossed there is an image of him sipping his broth that we can semi-permanently put on our tongues as well.
If Fruit Roll-Ups aren’t exactly your thing, no need to fear because Baby Yoda has graced so many other foods this year. Pour yourself a bowl of cereal, take a shot of booze out of adorable Baby Yoda glasses, or just decorate your space with a glowing Baby Yoda light. You deserve it…you deserve it all.

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