These Matte Black Wine Glasses Will Make The Most Sophisticated Table Setting

A person’s life is only as put together as their dinnerware, and if you have matching sets of dishes, glasses, and utensils I assume you have it all figured out. It’s even more impressive when individuals use different kitchenware for different seasons, and these matte black wine glasses from Walmart are ideal for the upcoming Halloween season.
While your mind might go straight to colors like orange, green, and purple for Halloween decor, there are so many sophisticated ways to decorate for the holiday even if you aren’t into flashy colors. True Stone makes stemless wine glasses available at Walmart, and a set of two is just $24.

Stemless Wine Glass in Matte Black (Set of 2)
According to the product description, the glasses hold up to 20 ounces of your drink, which is more than enough room for a typical pour of wine. Of course, although the description calls them wine glasses, you can always use them to serve a festive cocktail like our Poison Apple drink or Black Magic Margaritas.
You can check your local Walmart and see if they’re in stock because, let’s face it, you were probably planning a trip to the superstore already to stock up on spooky decorations and Halloween candy. If you aren’t able to make it or want to ensure you score the glasses, they’re also available online through Walmart’s website. The sooner you have them, the sooner you can pour up the booze so you might as well place that order ASAP to be sure.

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