This $15 Garlic Press Has a Clever Design That Shoppers With Arthritis Will Appreciate

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Chopping garlic isn't just tough to do: It can also suck out a chunk of meal prep time trying to get the small pieces just right—and leave you scrubbing your hands repeatedly. But the days of slicing and dicing hard, sticky garlic are finally over. It's time to upgrade your knife with this $15 kitchen tool that Amazon shoppers say is the "best garlic mincer ever."

The Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher is one of those handy gadgets you never knew you needed—that is, until you actually try it. Amazon reviewers and new quarantine chefs confirm the garlic crusher is a "definite must for any home cook." The small gadget is so beloved it has over 1,700 five-star ratings, earning it a top spot on Amazon's bestseller list for garlic presses.

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Although it's simple in design, this "genius" garlic press minces cloves in under five minutes. All you have to do is peel the garlic and give it one good press with the crusher. For extra fine bits, press the crusher a second time over the garlic.

This Joseph Joseph garlic press has tiny holes that are slightly larger on one side to prevent pieces from getting stuck. However, if you run into that problem, a shopper-approved hack is to run the garlic mincer under the faucet or poke it out with the tip of a knife.

The best part? Your hands never have to come in contact with the bulb, eliminating tacky fingers and pungent garlic odors seem to never go away. Shoppers who have arthritis have found an additional plus, claiming that using it doesn't hurt their hands like other garlic crushes on the market because there is "no squeezing necessary."

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The durable stainless steel construction keeps it ship-shape for the long haul. Plus, cleanup is a breeze because you can toss it in the dishwasher along with your dishes at the end of the night.

"This is probably the best garlic press tool there is," writes one Amazon shopper. "I have tried all the others—one that can slice garlic as well as press it. I may as well throw those out as I will only use the Garlic Rocker Press."

"Listen, I thought this would be a fun little 'social distancing' purchase that would be a lateral move in food prep at best," writes another reviewer. "Instead, I found a tool that is so well thought through, designed, and built that I'm looking for even more excuses to bust out a clove of garlic for my recipes."

If you're tired of using your sharp knife as a garlic crusher, join the thousands of shoppers who made the swap to this Joseph Joseph $15 meal prep essential.

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