This $8 Item Will Save Your Food From Spoiling—and Amazon Shoppers Rave About It

Growing up in south Louisiana, summers meant sweating when I left the house at 9 a.m. Which made packing meals a problem when my mom sent us off to day camps and playdates—by the time I’d open my lunchbox, all the ice she’d stash to keep my sandwiches cool had melted. And let me tell you, a soggy PB&J isn’t appetizing.

Do you want to know what’s a guaranteed savior from sad, room-temperature home-packed lunches? The chilling power of an ice pack. And if you’re looking for the coolest pack around, Amazon shoppers are obsessed with Fit and Fresh’s Thin Cool Coolers Ice Packs.

To buy: $8 for a set of four;

A crowd favorite, more than 3,000 Amazon customers have rated the reusable coolers a perfect five stars for their slim, convenient shape and long-lasting chill.

“At work, I leave my lunch bag at my desk and eat small meals throughout the day,” said one reviewer. “Each time I grabbed a meal, my food was still cold! After about 8 hours, the ice packs had melted back into water, but were still cold enough that I felt safe eating my last meal. I love how slim they are and I would definitely recommend!”

Made from non-toxic and BPA-free plastic, the ice packs are thin enough to fit between and around foods without breaking your lunch bag’s zipper. And grooves on the ice pack make it easy to stack them in any size bag: lunch bags, camping coolers, picnic baskets, or baby bags.

“I like that they are thin,” a customer explained. “I put all four along the corners of my lunch box to make a thermal wall. Hole in the middle makes them easier to grab.”

“I'm very happy with the coolers,” added another reviewer. “I use them in the kids' insulated lunch boxes. I like the fact that they are slim and cover most of the surface of the bottom of the lunchbox, or all of it if I use two side by side. It's nice to know that the whole bottom of the lunchbox is keeping everything cool rather than a brick keeping just a few things cold. When I first saw them and how thin they were, I thought they wouldn't stay cold very long, but I was wrong. Ten hours after packing lunches, the packs were still cool inside the lunchbox.”

Another bonus of the flat design? They freeze lickety-split.

“They are thin, so they freeze quickly,” one shopper said. “Because they are not bulky, they allow more room in your cooler or lunch box for what you actually want to put in there. With our other ice packs, they took up so much room I often would have to leave items out.”

So, no more excuses for lukewarm lunches—add these cool packs to your Amazon cart today.

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