This Bag of Wet Eggs Is Baffling (and Frightening) the Internet


The word “cursed” gets thrown around on the internet a lot these days, a convenient shorthand for any image or video depicting something unexpected, inexplicable, or ominous. Though we’ve probably become a bit desensitized to these “cursed” images, one recent viral tweet of a truly unsettling food offering spotted in Britain truly lives up to that billing.

I’m talking, of course, about these giant sacks of wet eggs spotted on the shelves of UK grocer Morrisons’s. Yes, you read that correctly. Wet. Eggs.

I don’t know that I can describe it better than I already have. It’s a whole bunch of boiled eggs in a bag. Further adding to the confusion, it would seem that the bag is somewhat mislabelled, as the label indicates there are five wet eggs in a bag that clearly contains at least a dozen. A minor detail, but still one that deepens the mystery. 

The internet being what it is, there were plenty of jokes to be had in the wake of the original tweet, which has been RT’ed more than 22,000 times this week. 

Though there would seem to be no logical explanation for selling a sack of wet eggs, Morrison’s actually seems to have at least a relatively plausible answer: they’re salad bar leftovers. "'These boiled eggs are prepared for our salad bar. Sometimes, rather than wasting them, we offer them to customers directly," a Morrison’s spokesperson told Buzzfeed News.

So while they sure look unsettling, the good news is that these bags of wet eggs are at least an attempt to cut down on food waste. Maybe there’s a lesson in there about not judging a boiled egg by its wet bag? Eh, probably not. 


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