This Fitness Tracker Has More Five-Star Reviews Than the Fitbit on Amazon — and It’s Only $30

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When it comes to fitness trackers, you’ve probably heard that Fitbit is one of the best fitness watch brands. From celebrities like Khloe Kardashian to our very own Health writers using them, it’s become the go-to watch for anyone looking to keep track of their physical activity. They even dominate Amazon’s best-selling activity and fitness trackers category, with six models  being in the top 10 alone. However, the Fitbit actually isn’t the retail giant’s number one best-seller or best-reviewed tracker, either — instead, a fitness tracker from a more under-the-radar brand, Letscom, has taken the crown. 

The Letscom Fitness Tracker has racked up over 3,600 five-star reviews from shoppers who say the gadget is super impressive for its affordable price point. The tracker is able to monitor your heart rate and sleep quality, as well as count your steps, calories burned, and distance moved throughout the day. It’s compatible with any smartphone, has a long battery life (up to a week!), and comes in six stylish colors. Not to mention, you can snag a Letscom Fitness Tracker for just under $30.

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Buy It! Letscom Fitness Tracker, $29.98;

“Very stylish looking fitness tracker. It has the functions I was looking for with a few extra. The battery life is twice what I expected, not needing a charge for over a week. It synced immediately with the recommended app and connected via Bluetooth with my phone right away. I get notifications of texts and messages so I can see what I need to respond to. I feel that the steps counter is very accurate and it signals when I have reached my daily goal,” one shopper wrote. “It resets itself every day so I don’t need to do that. Via the app I can disable the features I don’t want, and I can track my daily achievements easily, helping me to reach my goals.”

Shoppers new to fitness watches say they love purchasing the Letscom Tracker as an introduction because of its low price, and say it exceeds their expectations after using it for the first time.

“Overall super happy with this! I started a new job where I walk a lot and figured it would be fun to track my steps, but I didn’t want to spend $150 on a Fitbit, just in case I ended up not liking it, so this was a great option. It was a good price for an ‘introductory’ fitness tracker so I wouldn’t be devastated if it broke, if I put it through the washer, or if I just decided I didn’t like it. But as it turns out this little thing is perfect. I use it every single day and one of the biggest things I didn’t realize I would love so much is that it does connect really well to my phone,” another customer wrote. “So when I’m at work, or if I leave my phone in another room at home, the watch will buzz when you get a phone call and tell you who’s calling, and if you get a text it gives you about a 10-15 word preview along with who sent it. So wonderful!”

Whether you’re a fitness tracker newbie, or simply need an affordable replacement for an old watch, Amazon shoppers agree that you can’t go wrong by adding the Letscom Fitness Tracker to your cart.

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