This 'Game-Changing' Kitchen Tool Slices, Dices, or Juliennes Veggies in Seconds

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Meal prepping and eating well seem to go hand and hand. It's easier, after all, to reach for nutritious foods, like fruits and vegetables, when they're freshly cut and readily available in your fridge. But prepping your produce takes time and a certain degree of knife-wielding culinary skills, which means at the end of a long day it might be easier to make excuses instead of a healthy dinner. Thankfully, we found a product that will cut up your veggies faster than you can drum up a reason not to. Meet the Dash Safe Slice Mandoline.

The convenient slicing machine may look like a fancy, chef-worthy device but it's actually pretty user-friendly. Use the dial to choose the type of cut you want for your veggies (there are 30 options including advanced choices like matchstick and julienne), slide the vegetable of your choosing through the gravity feed shoot, and move the spring-loaded pump up and down to slice your vegetables. The result is evenly chopped produce that doesn't just look uniform, it also makes cooking easier and more consistent.

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Dash Safe Slice Mandoline

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Unlike other mandolines, the Dash has internal blades so you never need to worry about your fingers getting in the way of your slicing. Plus, the suction-cupped bottom ensures the device stays firmly in place while you're using it. One pleased customer writes: "Not only are the results at restaurant-level impressive, but this one makes good on the promise that anyone can use it safely. And as someone who has "just a little grace" and is therefore terrified of regular mandolines, this was the most important feature."

If you're an apartment dweller, don't fret. Meal prepping in a tiny kitchen is annoying enough without big appliances cluttering your counter, but the Dash is compact and easy to fold and store away when not in use. And unlike other tools, you don't need to clear your entire sink just to clean it. Simply use the included cleaning brush to disinfect the blades.

If you're still convinced you'd prefer manually chopping and slicing, we'll leave you with this emphatic review: "This purchase is a game changer! I'm never wasting time slicing again. I have heard about how great this product is and I can't believe I waited to purchase it. Not only is it easy to use, slices quickly with a variety of options, but also cleans very easily! Do not wait any longer, change your kitchen and cooking now!"

Shop the Dash Safe Slice Mandoline now and spend less time meal prepping and more time doing literally anything else.

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