This ‘Haunted Mansion’-Inspired Mug Comes With A Grave-Digging Spoon

Along with ShopDisney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas mug, people who love Halloween will want to get their hands on the company’s Haunted Mansion-inspired one that comes with a grave-digging spoon and might turn you into a “mourning” person.
With every use, this mug will allow you to dig into your favorite hot beverage in an eerie fashion. The front of the deep teal-colored mug features a gravedigger and dog who both look like they’ve seen some things. The text on the front reads ”Not a mourning person” and ”Urn your rest at The Haunted Mansion.” In the background, it looks like there’s a giant urn and a few bats are flying around. The back of the mug completes the scene with a few gravestones, one of which has a creepy face on it. To further the spine-chilling look, the mug comes with a purple grave-digging spoon that you can store right in the mug’s handle for easy access and safe-keeping.

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The mug is available on ShopDisney’s website for about $20. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe–both must-haves in a mug, IMO. Oh, and if you prefer to mix up your Halloween mugs every morning throughout October, you can check out ShopDisney’s Hocus Pocus mug and color-changing poison apple mug. You could even throw a Halloween-themed cocktail in these mugs later in the day to keep the seasonal spirit going.

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