This Twix-Flavored Spread Is Going To Become A Staple In Your Pantry

The first time I ate Nutella I was completely mind blown. Weren’t we all? The idea that something so sweet could be so easily enjoyed from a jar was novel and my world hasn’t been the same since. I get that same giddy feeling look at this jar of Twix spread, TBH, because there are so many possibilities for how you can use this in the kitchen.
Available from Candy Funhouse, a Canada-based candy retailer, this spread is chocolate-based and includes crunchy biscuit pieces inside to mimic the taste of a Twix, of course. Candy Funhouse also has Bounty chocolate bar- and Milky Way-inspired spreads to choose from.
The Twix spread launched a few years back, but it may have been difficult to find because it was mainly available in the UK, so this is a great way to get it back on your radar since you can order it online. Amazon also has it in stock right now, but it looks like there are only a few jars of it left at the moment. All of this is to say you should act fast.
You can of course eat this by the spoonful right out of the jar, but I’d suggest experimenting with it in more creative ways. A Twix spread and peanut butter sandwich (warmed up on a pan for extra melty goodness), a Twix spread dip with graham crackers, or s’mores made with this spread are all easy ways to get the most out of every bite. While you wait for it to ship to your door, you can always go in on this Twix-inspired Starbucks Frapp. It’s the next best thing.

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