\u2018Nailed It!\u2019 Host Nicole Byer Said If She Wins The Emmy, She’ll Put It In Her Bathroom

ICYMI, Nicole Byer, host of the iconic and hilarious cake decorating competition, Nailed It!, was nominated for an Emmy this week for Outstanding Host (the show was also nominated for outstanding reality competition!). And it turns out Nicole has some pretty exciting plans for that Emmy if she snags it…and they have to do with home decor.
Nicole spoke with Vulture immediately following her super exciting and historic nomination. She’s the first Black woman to be nominated in the category (which she told E! she found out via Wikipedia). But it took her a bit to find out about the nomination in the first place, and she told Vulture that at first she didn’t realize that she ALONG WITH the show had been nominated and it took a second for it to all sink in.
“I woke up to like five texts that were like, ‘Congrats on Nailed It! being nominated,'” she recalled: “I guess the announcements weren’t over yet. And then one of the execs from Netflix was like, ‘Nicole, congrats!’ and I was like, ‘yeah, the show got nominated again, what a treat!’ She was like, ‘No bitch, you!’ And I was like, ‘Wait what?’ So it was honestly a very Nicole way to find out something.”
Nicole also told the outlet that if (and when!) she scores this Emmy, she’ll be storing it in the one place everyone who visits her home will see it…the bathroom. TBH, it’s kind of genius.
In non-Emmy news, Nicole shared that like the rest of us, she’s also been doing a bit of baking while socially isolating, and like the contestants on the very show she hosts, she’s had her fair share of baking fails. Following baking cookies “out of a bag” she attempted her mom’s cream cheese sugar cookies.
“They were really bad and they ended up being like weird little biscuits. But my roommate, he ate them instead of his boyfriend, so they weren’t that bad,” she said.
Now I really want sugar cookies…even bad ones. Also for Nicole Byer to win an Emmy! But don’t we all?
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