Walmart’s Everything Croissants Are A Breakfast Must-Buy

Besides banana bread, of course, one thing that’s seen a major resurgence in popularity this year is the everything bagel. Perhaps it never really went out of style, but in 2020 there’s been a spike in all things everything, including new ways to using the iconic seasoning from Trader Joe’s (like on bell peppers with cream cheese, just ask TikTok). Walmart is participating in that trend too by selling everything croissants that feature the flavors of your favorite bagel in a new way.
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@Frontpagefoodfinds on Instagram spotted the baked good at their local Walmart, and from the picture alone you can tell they’re flaky, soft, and a perfect addition to any morning routine. You’ll hopefully be able to find a box or two in your Walmart’s bakery section so you can try them out for yourself.
According to the Instagram account, the croissants are “buttery, light, flaky, and the Everything Seasoning flavor just takes these croissants to a whole other level.” Which is enough to have me running to Walmart as soon as I have the chance. For those who need a little refresher, everything seasoning often includes poppy seeds, sesame seeds, minced dried onion, minced dried garlic, and sea salt. By the photo, you can see that the seasoning is pretty evenly distributed in these croissants so each bite will be flavorful.
You can serve these croissants just as you would an everything bagel: with an egg, some sausage, and cheese, or maybe a light layer of sweet jam to mix it up. Everything goes.

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