You Can Buy ‘Harry Potter’ Butterbeer-Flavored Peanut Butter For A Witchin’ Good Spread

Everyone has a scene from a movie or television show that makes them hungry because of how good the food looks on screen. For me pretty, much every Harry Potter scene that takes place in the Great Hall is on the list, but thankfully, fans of the franchise are constantly coming up with treats to replicate the flavors from the movies. One of the most creative might just be this butterbeer peanut butter that is bound to become your new favorite spread.

Butter Beer Peanut Butter
The butterbeer peanut butter is made by Nerdy Nuts, a small business that prides itself on making natural peanut butter in flavors you’ll love. Every jar of peanut butter from Nerdy Nuts is made to order and doesn’t use preservatives, so your jar is made especially for you.
For Harry Potter fans, this peanut butter is a unique way to enjoy the taste of butterbeer, the bubbly beverage served at Hogsmeade throughout the series. According to the Nerdy Nuts website, along with the classic taste of peanut butter, this specific jar includes “slivers of butter rum toffee mixed with sweet, thick butterscotch.” So yeah, it’s safe to say this will go great on toast, in baked goods, or even as a dollop on top of your morning oatmeal or smoothie bowl.
Jars come with about 16 ounces of product inside and go for $12.99. It’s of course important to note that this spread is made with peanuts, milk, and soy, so if you have an allergy related to any of those, please keep that in mind. If not, go wild and order a jar (or five) and get ready to eat like a wizard!

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