Adele weight loss diet plan: How to lose 7lb in 7 days following the Sirtfood diet

Adele, best known for popular hits like ‘Someone Like You’ and ’Turning Tables,’ recently revealed photos that showed off her weight loss transformation. The London-born singer shared photos on Instagram showing off her slim figure after being out of the public eye for a few years. Here’s how she lost the weight while following a super easy diet plan.


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The Sirtfood diet is famous for allowing red wine and chocolate on the diet.

It encourages slimmers to eat plant based foods known as sirtfoods which can kickstart your metabolism, regulate your appetite, boost muscle tone and burn fat.

The diet is based on research on sirtuins, a group of seven proteins found in the body that has been shown to regulate a variety of functions, including metabolism.

In order to follow it correctly, you must stick to a calorie restriction which can help with weight loss.

Nutritionist Aidan Goggins, co-author of The Sirtfood Diet explains: “For the first three days, you restrict calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day, which includes drinking three sirtfood green juices plus eating a sirtfood-rich meal and snacking on antioxidant sirtfood bites.

“For the last four days, you up the calorie intake to 1,500 calories a day by consuming two sirtfood-rich meals and two green juices, cutting out the bites.”

Restricting your calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day will put your body into a calorie deficit, meaning you will most likely be burning more than you are consuming and even more if you exercise too.

The first phase lasts seven days and it can help you lose up to seven pounds in seven days by kickstarting your weight loss.

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During the first three days of phase one, you will be restricted to 1,000 calories and you can drink three green juices per day plus one meal.

Meal examples include miso-glazed tofu, the sirtfood omelet or a shrimp stir-fry with buckwheat noodles.

The second phase lasts for two weeks and the creators of the diet say this is when you should continue to steadily lose weight.

You may repeat these two phases as often as desired for further weight loss.

The top sirtfoods include:

• Kale
• Red wine
• Strawberries
• Onions
• Soy
• Parsley
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Dark chocolate
• Matcha green tea
• Buckwheat
• Turmeric
• Walnuts
• Rocket
• Medjool dates
• Blueerries
• Capers
• Coffee


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The majority of these foods have demonstrated health benefits in humans.

Not only for weight loss but lowering the risk of heart disease, help fight inflammation, reducing the risk of stroke and even lowering blood pressure.

Sirtfood green juice:

75g kale
30g rocket
5g flat-leaf parsley
5g lovage leaves (optional)
150g celery, including leaves
Half medium green apple 
Juice half lemon
Half tsp matcha tea powder

Juice all of the ingredients together, except for the matcha tea powder and lemon. Pour the mix into a glass and then squeeze the lemon by hand and add the tea powder.

The juice is important for the first phase of the diet as it can kick start the metabolism which contributes to weight loss.

Experts recommend only using matcha in the first two drinks of the day as it contains the same caffeine content as a normal cup of tea.

Countries where people already consume a vast number of sirtfoods including Japan and Italy, which are both regularly ranked among the world’s healthiest countries.

Other celebrities who have loved the Sirtfood diet include Pippa Middleton, chef Lorraine Pascale and Jodie Kidd.

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