Adele weight loss: Sirtfood diet and exercise routine that helped singer lose 7st

Adele has lost more than seven stone by following the Sirtfood diet. The diet has only been recently discovered but has proved popular amongst Brits and it involves eating foods that activate the body’s skinny genes, also known as sirtuins. It is famous for allowing red wine and chocolate on the diet and it is split into different phases that dieters must follow in order to see results.

The initial phase lasts just one week and involves restricting calorie intake to around 1000kcal for three days, consuming three sirtfood green juices and one meal rich in sirtfoods each day.

The juices include kale, celery, parsley, green tea and lemon, all of which can help boost the metabolism and boost weight loss results.

From days four to seven, energy intakes are increased to 1500kcal a day consisting of two sirtfood green juices and two sirtfood rich meals a day.

The second phase is known as the maintenance phase which lasts 14 days where steady weight loss occurs. The authors believe it’s a sustainable and realistic way to lose weight.

Reducing your calorie intake by this amount will make sure your diet is in a deficit, meaning you will be able to enjoy red wine and chocolate in moderation.

Most popular foods you can eat on the diet include:
• Green tea
• Dark chocolate
• Apples
• Citrus fruits
• Parsley
• Turmeric
• Kale
• Blueberries
• Capers
• Red wine

According to the diet’s founders, these special foods work by activating specific proteins in the body known as sirtuins. It is thought that sirtuins influence the body’s ability to burn fat, resulting in a seven pound weight loss a week while making muscle.

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Sirtfoods should be accompanied with protein for a meal. The authors recommend oily fish and advise in their book that moderate dairy consumption is perfectly fine.

The chocolate needs to be dark as this contains a loss less calories and red wine should only be drunk on occasion.

What makes this diet so easy is that you can repeat the two phases as many times as you want, meaning your body is never deprived of certain food groups or calories for long periods of time.

It is also all about the types of foods you are consuming rather than the ones you should be cutting out which is why coffee is also another beverage allowed for slimmers on the diet.

The sirtfood green juice can be made very easily using healthy fruits and vegetables.

• 75g kale
• 30g rocket
• 5g parsley
• 150g celery
• Half green apple
• Juice half lemon
• Half tsp matcha tea powder

Known widely as a superfood, matcha green tea can help your body burn more calories throughout the day.

Matcha green tea is the purest form of green tea and is made by grinding tea leaves into a powder.

Matcha can also be added to foods to disguise the taste and you can add it to baked goods, smoothies as well as mixing it in with porridge or granola.

The powder contains a lot less caffeine than a cup of coffee but at the same time provides the body with an energy boost to keep you going throughout the day.

Adele also worked with a personal trainer to help her see results quicker through exercise. Exercising is an essential part of any weight loss journey and the NHS recommends around an hour per day.

It’s also been revealed that she regularly enjoys pilates which is not only good for weight loss but also good for relaxing.

However it is said that the popstar likes reformer pilates, a type of pilates that helps improve posture, flexibility and balance as well as a great weight loss strategy.

The Hello singer isn’t the only celebrity who likes this type of exercise as it is popular amongst others like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet and Madonna too.

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