Adrian Chiles weight loss: Host shares how he lost huge 3st by avoiding one food type

Dan Walker and Adrian Chiles discuss Strictly experiences

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Adrian Chiles will appear on Beat the Chasers tonight at 9pm alongside Carol Vorderman, Joel Dommett, Samia Longchambon, and Simon Weston. Fans will be reminded of the presenter’s recent weight loss journey, during which he changed his lifestyle in order to shed three stone.

In recent years, Adrian has managed to lose an impressive amount of weight thanks to a simple lifestyle change.

He cut one food group from his diet and saw immediate results.

Speaking to the Guardian in 2009, Adrian explained why he began to avoid foods that are high in carbs.

This led to the presenter losing weight and he has managed to maintain a healthy weight since.

He said: “I lost three stone four years ago by cutting out bread, potatoes, rice and pasta.”

Adrain went on to reveal that exercise alone did not help him lose weight, and therefore that’s why he decided to focus on his diet.

The presenter continued: “I didn’t look it, but I was about 17 stone.

“I ran marathons at 17 stone, so exercise on its own doesn’t help.”

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But despite losing three stone, Adrian admitted at the time that he still struggled with his diet.

He said he was “healthier than I look, but not as healthy as I should be”.

“I do quite a lot of exercise, but I eat a fair amount of rubbish and drink too much,” the 54-year-old added.

Adrian went on to tell the Guardian that he drinks “loads”, saying: “I finish work at 7:30pm and it’s just the easiest thing to do – you’re a bit knackered, you’ve got to go to bed soon and you can’t really achieve much else.

“It’s not a cop-out, but if you’re quite famous, quite approachable, someone will always say: ‘I’ll buy you a drink and we’ll talk about football’.”

Although not as slim as he used to be when he lost three stone, Adrian is currently a healthy weight thanks to his diet.

A low-carb diet is essentially the keto diet, which consists of replacing carbs with foods that are high in fat.

According to Healthline, staple foods on a keto diet include meat, fish, butter, eggs, cheese, oils, nuts, avocados, sees, and low carb vegetables.

On its website, Healthline states there is evidence that keto diet can help with weight loss.

Some studies have suggested that the diet may be more effective than a low fat diet for weight loss, even after matching the total calorie intake.

The keto diet promotes weight loss in various ways, including through a higher protein intake, gluconeogenesis, appetite suppressant, improved insulin sensitivity, decreased fat storage, and increased fat burning.

Gluconeogenesis is when the body converts fat and protein into carbs for fuel.

This process may burn many additional calories each day, according to Healthline.

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