Beatrice undertook incredible challenge – but Kate says she’ll never do it

The Royal Family is a sporty bunch, and Kate, Princess of Wales is never too far from the action when it comes to competing or showing off her athletic prowess.

However, there is one physical endeavour she will not be able to try – but not because she isn’t fit enough.

Journalist Bryony Gordon, who ran the London Marathon for Heads Together – a mental health initiative spearheaded by William and Kate – revealed that the Princess told her she would never take part in the race.

Bryony told Runner’s World that at the Heads Together launch in 2016, she asked Kate if she would ever run the marathon.

According to the journalist, Kate replied: “Oh I can’t, because security is a bit difficult.”

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There’s no doubt that athletic Kate would boast an impressive marathon time should she do the race.

Whether it’s running, tennis, rugby, dragon boat racing or beating her husband in a spin class, the future Queen is incredibly fit.

But while Kate will not run the 26.2 miles herself, she inspired Bryony to take on the challenge.

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In response to Kate’s security comment, Bryony recalled: “But I was like, ‘Sure, yeah, yeah, good excuse. If I can do it, anyone can’.”

“I thought, I don’t know why I’ve just said I can do a marathon, I can’t even run for a bus.

“But she was like, ‘Ohm are you going to do a marathon?’. I was like, ‘I guess I’m going to do the marathon!’”

According to Kate, her husband Prince William is another royal who will not complete the big race.

The Prince reportedly told Good Morning Britain’s Sean Fletcher that he would like to run a marathon in Kenya at some point, to which Kate replied, “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

But one royal who has run the Virgin London Marathon is Princess Beatrice, who smashed the race in 2010 – and dressed as one 33rd of a caterpillar, no less, for Children In Crisis.

Her trainer Nadiya Fairweather spoke about the Princess’ challenging feat: “We trained in snow, we trained in rain, we trained in mud, we trained in everything. She was committed,” reported Hello!

Nadya Fairweather whipped Princess Beatrice into shape before she had baby Sienna, explaining what makes the royal “pretty hardcore” when it comes to fitness.

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