Best weight loss: Diet plan can help you slim down fast – important rule you must follow

When trying to slim down, dieters can combine a healthy diet plan with regular exercise. With so many different plans to choose from, knowing the best diet can be a challenge. Intermittent fasting is a popular plan that can help burn belly fat fast.


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How does it work?

Those who follow an intermittent fasting diet plan will restrict how much they eat in a bid to burn fat.

A popular form of the diet is the 16:8 plan, where slimmers will eat all their daily calories within an eight hour window and fast for the remaining hours of the day.

Just by changing the times they eat, dieters will start to burn fat, Corin Sadler, nutritional therapist and product developer at Higher Nature, explained.

He told “Research suggests with no change at all to diet, i.e. the same amount of calories, simply delaying breakfast by 90 minutes and having dinner 90 minutes earlier might have an effect on dietary intake, body composition and risk markers for diabetes and heart disease.

“Those who changed their mealtimes were found to have eaten less food overall than the control group and lost an average of two percent body fat than those left to eat at unrestricted times.

“This is one of the latest investigations into a new dietary concept called Time-Restricted Feeding which reduces the time between the first and last intake of food each day, effectively increasing the ‘fasting’ time.

“As a nutritional therapist, I can certainly see the potential for TRE for maintaining a healthy weight.”

When should you eat?

Time-Restricting Feeding, or intermittent fasting, can increase speed up the metabolism.

While some will choose a large eating window, other dieters will consume all their daily calories in just one sitting.


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Another popular form of the plan is the 5:2 diet. When doing this, slimmers will reduce how many calories they eat for two days of the week and eat normally on the remaining days.

The expert revealed an important tip and explained choosing a nine hour window could give the best results.

“Where possible and appropriate I suggest clients breakfast around 10am, and finish their evening meal by 7pm,” Corin added.

“This helps tie eating in with when the gut is working most optimally.

“Eating at the same time each day, even at weekends helps to keep it in sync.

“This is especially important at breakfast to help set your rhythms, but your gut also appreciates a lighter evening meal when it is trying to wind down.”

When following the diet plan, the expert explained it is important to be consistent when trying to get the best results.

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