‘Builds a great sweat’: HIIT pilates ‘burns a good amount of calories’ in seconds

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Korin Nolan is a leading Pilates expert and has recommended HIIT Pilates for weight loss.

Pilates specialist and co-founder of Dynamic Pilates TV Korin told Express.co.uk: “HIIT Pilates is one of my most favourite ways to workout on the mat.

“It’s a combination of (usually) low impact HIIT and dynamic Pilates.

“It’s intense and really builds a great sweat, so, you can achieve a lot in a short space of time.

“This workout is designed to build strength, stability, stamina, and overall fitness.

“Because it’s an intense workout, you will increase your heart rate (especially if you transition quickly from one exercise to the next) so, you’re likely to burn a good amount of calories in the process.”

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It is important to keep the movements controlled, retaining good posture, the expert said.

It’s better to do a move fewer times well than it is to do lots of moves badly.

Koris said: “Even though I would encourage you to keep moving (keeping rest periods between each exercise to a minimum) I still want you to keep the exercises themselves controlled and slow enough (where required) to maintain good alignment and posture throughout.

“Think quality movements over quantity every time.”

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Build up the amount of time you are exercising for as your stamina increases, Korin said.

“You can set yourself a time for each exercise from 20 to 45 seconds. As you get stronger and fitter you can increase the time.

“Where an exercise requires you to do both sides, maybe reduce the time per side.

“Once you have completed the whole circuit, you can repeat the circuit again.

“As you get stronger you may wish to complete the circuit three to four times through.”

HIIT Pilates work out

  • Squat to squat jump
  • Criss cross
  • Backward lunge to knee lift
  • Bridge with leg pull
  • Side lunge with knee lift
  • Plank with leg pull
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Half side plank to leg extension

Another fitness expert has detailed her secrets to target the stubborn area of belly fat. 

Personal trainer and fitness influencer, Emily Furey, wows her almost 69k Instagram followers and follows a combination of exercise and a balanced diet.

She added adds: “A common mistake in targeting stubborn belly fat is to simply hammer that one specific area in all that you do.

“In reality, variety will be your best friend, as will compound exercises – that is, exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups to work together at once.”

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