Christine Lampard diet: Exercise trick helps presenter keep in shape

Christine Lampard is sitting in for Lorraine Kelly this week on the ITV early morning chat show, and the presenter always looks amazing. But how does she keep in good shape and what foods does she eat on a daily basis? 

Christine, 42, gave birth to her second child earlier this year and after several months away from the television screen, she returned at the end of the summer looking incredible. 

The busy mum-of-two who also hosts Loose Women on occasion, prefers filling meals with a healthy twist over fad diets. 

In a 2012 interview with Yahoo! Christine said she doesn’t spend too much time stressing about the pressure to look perfect when in the public eye. 

She said: “There’s a lot of pressure on girls to worry about their bodies, if they allow it to.

“You can’t dwell on it too much, I try and keep everything in perspective. You know your own body you know if you’re healthy, you can get down with the negativity.”

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Speaking about her diet, Christine added: “When it comes to diet I don’t necessarily go for any fad type diets — every week it’s a different fad diet that’s in fashion.

“I very much enjoy my food which is why I work out to combat my love of food. It has to be everything in moderation I never want to cut anything out too much.”

In an interview with the Telegraph, Christine spoke about her daily diet. 

She said: “I generally follow the motto of eating like a king, then a prince, then a pauper, as the day goes on, and I need a good breakfast.” 

For breakfast, Christine said her usual “go-to” is caramelised cherry tomatoes on toast with grilled bacon and two poached eggs, plus coffee. 

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She also followed Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach’s recipes during the coronavirus pandemic, posting photographs of what she had cooked on her Instagram account. 

But she doesn’t always opt for the healthy option. 

Speaking on The One Show, she previously shared her love for the Ulster fry – a traditional Irish take on the English fry-up which involves soda bread, potato bread and black pudding. 

As for lunch, when Christine is presenting she opts for a quick and easy option – jacket potatoes which are topped with cheese. 

She has also shared photos of recreating her friend’s wheaten bread recipe. 

Another post on Instagram revealed Christine also looks to chef Annabel Karmel for recipes. 

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Her lunchtime creations include seared tuna salad and mozzarella, tomato and pesto paninis.

For dinner, variety seems to be key; Christine creates everything from creamy chicken and mushroom pie to a Sunday roast. 

Christine’s husband Frank Lampard also whipped up a few BBQ’s for the family during the pandemic, which included a selection of meats and salads. 

The couple are also said to enjoy takeaways on the weekends. 

When it comes to snacking, Christine turns to bananas which provide a slow release of carbs throughout the day, as well as carrot sticks and hummus.  

In terms of exercise, Christine previous said “fitness and keeping fit is very important” but said finding time during the week can be “difficult” with a family. 

“You may not have picked up a skipping rope since you were 10 years old but just a few minutes a day is great cardio exercise and doesn’t require a gym membership. Get your kids involved and see who can do the most skips in a minute,” she advised. 

Christine also revealed one of her favourite ways to stay in shape is by hula hooping. 

“I was playing with them (Frank’s daughters) recently and it was amazing how out of breath I got,” she revealed. 

The presenter is also a fan of exercise-snacking and believes just five minutes a day can go a long way. 

Her “intensive workout” is a mini circuit challenge which consists of one minute plank, one minute of squats, one minute of sit-ups, one minute of press ups and one minute of burpees.

“It doesn’t sound a lot but I can guarantee you’ll feel like you’ve had a work out once you’ve finished and if you do it every day you’ll see real differences,” Daily Mail published in 2014.

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