‘Couldn’t fit in my clothes’ Lorraine Kelly on going up two dress sizes in lockdown

Lorraine Kelly strips down to bikini for show in 2015

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Lorraine Kelly, 62, is seen on television for at least five days a week, fronting her own ITV mid-morning show, Lorraine. It was one of the very few TV shows which remained on-air during the coronavirus pandemic. But during lockdown, the Scottish presenter went from a dress size 10 to a 14. She has revealed how this happened and her plan to get back to “feeling herself”.

Lorraine blamed “comfort eating” with a nightly plate of chocolate was the reason she has put on weight. 

She admitted: “It went from a tiny square to a whole bar.”

The presenter and her husband Steve, who she has been married to for 30 years in September, said they would treat themselves to a platter at 8pm every day during the pandemic. 

Lorraine also said she drank many glasses of wine, and Steve, who enjoys cooking, would make extra-large portions.

He also whipped up the additional supper – like cheese on toast. 

Lorraine explained: “Slowly, the weight piles on – it’s not overnight. 

“I noticed because I was going to work, and I couldn’t fit into my clothes.”

In November last year, Lorraine was trying on dresses for the ITV Palooza, in particular a size 10 red satin gown which she had previously worn to the NTAs in 2016.

However, the dress didn’t fit, Lorraine revealed how horrified she was: “I couldn’t get it over my hips.”

Instead, she opted for a size 14 black dress and said: “I looked ok, but I didn’t feel ok. I didn’t feel my best.”

As for how Lorraine feels now, she said: “I know that I’ve really got a little bit of work to do – and I need help.

“I don’t feel like myself anymore.

“I knew that if I didn’t do something I’d be a 16, and then I’d be an 18.

“There is nothing wrong with being a size 14, but my body is supposed to be a 10.

“On Lorraine, we have models who are size 14, 16, 18, and they are perfectly proportioned, they’re perfectly healthy.

“I’ve got friends that are teeny tiny, and that’s great, that’s where they’re supposed to be. 

“But I’m supposed to be a 10. If was an 8, I wouldn’t look good.

“But I was a 14 and just not feeling healthy. It’s about how you feel, and what’s good for you,” she told The Mirror. 

Lorraine went on to say if she was “invited to a red carpet event, I just wouldn’t have the confidence to go”. 

She joked: “Not even if George Clooney was waiting for me naked with a rose between his teeth.”

Lorraine has previously been a huge fan of Zumba, having credited her former size 10 figure to regular classes. 

But in a bid to shed the weight she has gained, Lorraine has signed up to WW. 

She said: “I’ve done WW before and know it works, but that was a long time ago.

“What’s brilliant is that it’s easier than ever now because everything is on the app – I can track what I eat, my activity, my sleep and even how much water I drink!

“I’ve only been doing it for a short time but it’s working.”

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