Diet bombshell: People who do this in the morning burn twice as many calories – shock

Morning rituals differ greatly from person to person. While some rise early and prepare a breakfasts, others dash out the door with a coffee. But, another study is bolstering the theory that what you eat in the morning can help with weight loss.


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A study from The Endocrine Society has found, in a new study, that people who eat a big breakfast might burn twice as many calories.

The new research, published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, found a large breakfast is better than a large dinner for increasing the metabolism.

Juliane Richter, M.Sc., Ph.D., of University of Lübeck in Germany, said: “Our results show that a meal eaten for breakfast, regardless of the amount of calories it contains, creates twice as high diet-induced thermogenesis as the same meal consumed for dinner.”

This is means that body is burning through twice the calories.

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The study took place over three days.

Sixteen men took part, and consumed a low-calorie breakfast and high-calorie dinner.

There was then a second round, in which this was reversed.

The study found that even though identical calories were consumed in both stages of the experiment, calorie burning was 2.5 time higher when a large breakfast was consumed.

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Diet news: Weight loss shock – study reveals how to burn twice the calories

Subjects tested better for blood sugar and insulin when eating a larger breakfast.

The study also found eating a low-calorie breakfast increased appetite, specifically for sweets.

The scientist added: “We recommend that patients with obesity as well as healthy people eat a large breakfast rather than a large dinner to reduce body weight and prevent metabolic diseases.”

The study did not suggest what foods should be eaten for breakfast, but that bigger is better.


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The keto diet is one of the more popular weight loss diets on the market currently. 

What are some of the best keto diet breakfasts to eat to shed weight?

Eggs, bacon, butter, avocado and coffee are all on the menu for breakfast.

Keto diet followers may also indulge in Greek yoghurt. Sausages and cheese also make the list.

Adding protein to your weight loss diet plan is also shown to help burn more belly fat. 

Tucking into foods high in protein could give the best results, Elliott Upton, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance and Head of LiveUP Online Coaching, said.

He told “Every meal should be built around a quality source of protein.

“It helps to repair, rebuild and maintain muscle tissue, which not only improves body composition – the way your body looks – but also increases metabolic rate.”

Elliot added: “It is also satiating, so helps keep you fuller for longer, and the better you can control hunger, the more sustainable your diet will be.”

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