Diets to avoid to keep weight off long-term – Michael Mosley warning

Keto: Doctor explains benefits of reduced-carb diet

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Restrictive diets have been considered a quick-fix for those looking to lose a few pounds in a short space of time. And experts reveal they can work but Dr Michael Mosley explained why sticking to a non-restrictive diet is “better” for weight loss in the long term.

Severely restricting a person’s calories will cause them to drop pounds quickly but it can come with some consequences further down the line.

Regularly consuming fewer calories than the body needs can make it more difficult to maintain weight loss as people are more likely to binge due to hunger and cravings.

It can also cause fatigue as it is more challenging to meet daily nutrient needs on low food.

This can then slow down metabolism, causing a loss of muscle mass.

According to Healthline, people should opt for diets that are focused on diet quality and encourage them to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

And Dr Mosley agrees. His Fast 800 Keto diet plan recommends people stick to a keto diet for 12 weeks before moving onto a Mediterranean-style eating plan.

He claims the diet plan has been “phenomenally successful” with followers as it promotes rapid weight loss.

The first phase advises people to follow a daily 800-calorie eating plan for a minimum of two weeks and no more than 12 weeks.


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Dr Mosley explained this is a “key” weight loss tip as eating low calories for more than 12 weeks could actually hinder people’s goals instead of helping them achieve them.

He revealed this is “the best way” to maintain weight loss, telling Studio 10: “The weight of evidence proves it is better to eat a less-restrictive diet in the long term.

“This is why I advise people to move to what I call a Mediterranean-style diet, which is full of all sorts of healthy ingredients like oily fish, nuts and olive oil.”

He added: “Also, you can have the occasional glass of red wine, so I think that for many people is more sustainable and is seen very widely as the healthiest diet on the planet.”

He calls this stage the “maintenance phase”, which helps people maintain their achieved weight loss.

It is designed to fit personal goals and to work with a person’s lifestyle and can include a weekly fast day if needed.

Foods on the Fast 800 Keto diet include:

Protein – oily fish, prawns, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, eggs, beans and dairy

Healthy fats – avocado olive oil, nuts and seeds

Vegetables – nothing is off limits

Dr Mosley revealed that his Fast 800 Keto can help people lose “impressive amounts” of weight in less than four weeks.

He said: “In 2020, my new Fast 800 Keto programme formed the basis of a Channel 4 series called Lose A Stone In 21 Days, which was filmed during lockdown.

“My five volunteers, ranging in age from 30 to 50, not only lost impressive amounts of weight but saw big improvements in blood pressure, blood sugars and blood fats.”

The weight loss expert also gave it a go himself and hit the jackpot, revealing: “In 12 days I dropped 9lb (4kg) and lost 4cm of belly fat!

“My belt went in a notch but and more importantly, my blood pressure and blood sugars dropped, too.”

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