Drew Barrymore Follows the "80/20 Rule" When Dieting. Here's What That Means

Drew Barrymore is in a great place with her diet and lifestyle now, but it certainly wasn't always that way. The actress and founder of Flower Beauty and Flower Home has definitely struggled with weight loss regimens in the past, all of which led to fluctuations and frustration.

"My weight loss had been totally inconsistent because I was doing three, four, even five months of the perfect diet. I'm talking no dairy, no grains, no carbs, but then you eat one crouton and you turn into a puffer fish because your body goes into shock. Not to mention the miserable deprivation of the pleasure of life: food!" she said in an interview with PureWow.

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And what way of eating gave her a new appreciation for wholesome living and balance? She calls her approach the "80/20 rule." It's the one approach that has worked and is sustainable for her, as it doesn't focus on extreme regimens, but rather a happy medium that includes indulges.

So what is "the 80/20 rule?" Barrymore explains she eats healthy foods 80 percent of the week and gives herself treats for the remaining 20 percent. "With this, I can have some pasta and some wine—because, dammit, I love my wine!" (And we can understand, Drew!)

Since those five days of the week are dedicated to eating lean proteins, good fats, and fruits and veggies, as opposed to baked goods, booze, desserts, or refined carbs and fried foods, she's able to make up for her indulgences on those two other days. And she includes working out, which definitely helps keep her on track. "When I'm working out and enjoying my life—as in, I'm having some pasta and I'm drinking some wine, but spending five days a week eating sensibly—I can let go of the mental gymnastics and tell myself, 'I've got this,'" she explained.

Sounds pretty easy, right? And fair! So, give yourself a couple days (let's say Saturday and Sunday) to enjoy that burger and fries or margarita and guac, and then get back to clean eating for the weekday. It's all about balance, and you get the best of both worlds.

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