Emilia Clarke weight loss: The ‘key’ to Game of Thrones star’s trimmed figure – diet plan

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Emilia Clarke rose to worldwide fame as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO epic fantasy television series Game of Thrones that aired from 2011–2019. The show although violent also had its fair share of intimate scenes where viewers were left in awe at Emilia’s stunning physique.

And over the years the actress managed to maintain her toned figure and it turns out she follows a very simple diet plan that has taught her to treat her body with kindness.

She announced on her Instagram the “key” to her “happy kitchen” is her personal trainer, James Duigan, and his cook book Clean and Lean.

It is a holistic approach which focuses on eating clean and simple foods.

The plan includes plenty of vegetables, fish and lots of protein.

The book is divided into two sections, explaining first how to get “clean” by detoxing, and then how to get “lean” by honing the body through a combination of diet and maximum-impact exercises that are accompanied by step-by-step photography.

The plan advises to avoid suspect foods that promote weight gain, including refined sugar, refined white flour and processed foods.

These foods typically lack important nutrients such as fibre, vitamins and minerals.

They can also be higher in calories due to the high amounts of added sugar or fat in them.

With flexible meal plans, recipes and tips on avoiding the cravings, Emilia and fellow dieters can maintain a healthy lifestyle for life.

She also follows a doable workout routine that doesn’t involve too much heavy lifting.

While strength training is good for weight loss and keeping it off, people can start by building up their fitness with bodyweight fat burning exercises.

They can then look to increase the difficulty of their moves.

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Emilia is said to use only her bodyweight but keeps her reps high.

James has long hailed bodyweight exercises to tone and build strength without bulking up.

This also allows her to work out anywhere at any time, as no equipment is needed.

Alongside her workout sessions, Emilia was reported to dabble in yoga, pilates and HIIT workouts, as James recommends switching up training types throughout the week is most effective for the body and increases motivation.

Personal trainer and bodyweight-training master, Sean Bartram, explained that people who don’t believe in bodyweight exercises have never used their body “in the right way”.

“Think of your body as an empty barbell,” he said.

“Changing the pace you move it with, holding awkward positions, adding instability and shaking up classic moves you’ve done all your life serve as the 20kg weight plates you load it up with.”

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